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Several organizations contribute to Ville de Bécancour economical and social dynamism. Here are a few of them:


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

The continuous formation activities of the UQTR aim to answer specific needs such as refreshing and enhancing knowledge as well as professional practice, and the initiation to new themes or yet personal enlightenment. The continuous formation activities hold for objective to answer the needs of the various enterprises of the Industrial and Commercial Park 30-55 inc. by offering them diverse services:

• Tailored formations, credited or not
• Concise programs
• Online courses
• Videoconference formations
• Public formations

Michel Morin
Liaison Officer

SADC Nicolet-Bécancour

SADC de Nicolet-Bécancour

The mission of SADC de Nicolet-Bécancour involves being a factor to the development of the communities by participating to local activities, consulting with partners in development as well as contributing financial and technical support to the creation and preservation of jobs and enterprises. SADC is a non-profit organization and is a partner of Canada Economical Development.

SADC Nicolet-Bécancour

Centre local de développement

CLD de Bécancour offers technical support for the creation, consolidation and development of small and average businesses including consultation, guidance, business programs, feasibility studies, research for financial backing, venture follow-up, financial support, training and references to specialized services (exports, technological development…)

In addition, CLD oversees some governmental programs and operates an integrated budget used for financing three specific activities: local Investment Funds, social economy Fund and the Fund for young entrepreneurs.

CLD de Bécancour

Ville de Bécancour

Ville de Bécancour is a fusion of five parishes. The population has shown a +12,1% growth rate over 15 years. The city unemployment rate was 8,5% in 1996, while this rate was 8,8% for the MRC of Bécancour and 11,8% for the province of Quebec.

The taxation rate of Bécancour is one of the lowest in the area. Various subvention programs are available for entrepreneurs and investors. The city has an integrated civil security strategy aiming at the safeguard of people and assets and including four sections centring on specific categories of disasters.

Ville de Bécancour

Bécancour Chamber of Commerce

The objective of Bécancour Chamber of Commerce is to mirror the dynamic image of the region, to intercede with organizations and governments in order to protect the interest of members and affect decisions, to assist in exchanges and consultations between the community economic participants and to promote the economic development of the region.
Chambre de commerce

Emploi Québec :

CLE service locations encompass a large network aiming to assist, inform and advise you as an employer.
Emploi Québec



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