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Fiscal policy

Ville de Bécancour is the place where taxes are the lowest among the cities surrounding us.
For manufacturing projects, the CLD of MRC de Bécancour offers up to $50,000 as an industrial promotion and subvention program for permanent job creation.
The council offers, to each enterprise becoming property owner, a 100% land tax reprieve for the first two years and 50% for the next following two years.
None of the sites offered in Park 30-55 are subjected to a local improvement tax for street infrastructures since this tax has already or will be paid by the park realtor.
Since most firms in the Park are small businesses, payrolls tend to be on the average scale.


Quality of life

Because of its localization, Ville de Bécancour perfect blend of rural and urban environment makes it a very pleasant place to live and work.
Park 30-55 is one of the closest industrial park from the centre of Trois-Rivière, capital city of the Mauricie.
Park 30-55 and the firms established within offer a yearlong surveillance of the grounds.
Several locations have a view of expressways 30 or 55 or, better still, a vista of St-Lawrence River with a glance at the majestic Laviolette Bridge.
Finally, the park is located at less than one kilometre of a renowned golf course and congress centre.


A potential for development

The proximity to both shores of St-Lawrence River through Laviolette Bridge creates a close connection with markets as well as with one of the largest workforce pool.
The township houses the single industrial park belonging to Quebec Government. This park accommodates major primary and secondary industries, generating sub-contracting work for small businesses in the area.
Because of its geographical situation linking the Park to all of Quebec road network, market researches have revealed that it is an ideal location for transport companies, distribution centres, wholesalers and small processing businesses.
As Industrial and Commercial Park 30-55 Inc is adjacent to a major road network (expressways 30, 55, 20, 40), this is a location with easy access and flowing traffic.
Park 30-55 location proximity to two seaports, a railway network and a regional airport brings in indisputable advantages.


Choice locations

The localization and size of your selected site is flexible.
Sites with all required infrastructures, including natural gas, are immediately available.
Since this is a private park, negotiations are restricted to a single agent, the realtor and owner himself, and are, as a result, simpler and quicker.
The Park takes also into consideration purchase schemes with financing, immediate possession projects, and partnership projects.
All available sites are clear of stumps and levelled.





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